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Intake Manifold Runner Position removal/replacement

Intake manifold is of split design, meaning that there are two halves. Whenever intake manifold is removed, inspect shared coolant passage in front of intake manifold for leaks. Repair as required.
1. Remove engine cover.
2. Drain cooling system into a suitable container.
3. Remove coolant reservoir and position aside.
4. Remove strut tower support.
5. Remove air cleaner housing cover and air inlet tube.
6. Remove charge air outlet tube.
7. Remove right rear engine cover bracket, and disconnect transmission oil level indicator tube retaining bolt.
8. Remove turbocharger.
9. Remove turbocharger oil housing adaptor and gasket. Observe position of turbocharger oil passage housing and gasket. Failure to properly position gasket during assembly will result in immediate turbocharger failure after assembly.
10. Remove EGR tube to left cylinder head.
11. Disconnect coolant hose at EGR housing.
12. Disconnect EGR and EGR temperature sensor wiring harness connectors.
13. Disconnect swirl valve module wiring harness connector.
14. Remove left and righthand fuel rail and high pressure lines.
15. Disconnect fuel return hoses at injectors.
16. Disconnect return fuel hose harness and position aside.
17. Remove fuel rail transfer line.
18. Remove fuel filter assembly.
19. Remove fuel filter supply, and return pipe harness and position aside.
20. Remove glow plug module.
21. Remove EGR air control valve assembly.
22. Remove intake manifold and gasket. Do not rest intake manifold on swirl valve actuator. Care must be taken when handling swirl valve assembly.
23. Reverse procedure to install.


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