Apple macOS vulnerability paves the way for system compromise with a single click

Tampering with two lines of code unveiled a serious bug which could lead to full system compromise.

Synthetic events are when attackers can virtually "click" objects in order to load code without user consent. If a threat actor is able to "click" a security prompt and load a kernel extension, this could lead to the full compromise of an operating system. -- Read more at the link above.

Here's a boost

I'm pulling 8.5Mbps from this picture. Check the red circle. I have my wifi router placed. And i'm picking WiFi from across the highway.

Kind of neat for 2018 if you ask me. No wireless repeating hubs. 1 wireless synchronization name.


Man Cries

3. Emotional Tears 

Emotional tears are often the ones we refer to when we speak of someone crying. They are composed differently and include an endorphin and natural painkiller called enkephalin. “Emotional tears contain higher concentrations of proteins, manganese, and the hormone prolactin, which is produced during stress-induced danger or arousal,” says Dr Carrie Lane of the University of Texas.