Tenda support

To whom this may concern.

I've bought several AC 1200 Tenda's

Right now my topology is 1 main ISP router -- a Tenda Wireless bridge to that device.

And then off the main router -- another tenda client mode AP.

**Note how one is configured towards the wireless bridge. The other is a wireless CLIENT+AP

So the purpose of this email is to ask what's going on when I say:

I have a device 400 feet away connected to the wireless bridge. 

I'm 400 feet closer. -- Connected to the Wireless AP -- 
I go to tendawifi.com -- 

**What's crazy is, i can see the device 400 feet away, when it's technically not even CONNECTED to this AP.

So what is going on? -- Are the devices hard coded to find tendawifi.com -- AND THEN store & Forward?

or is it an actual routing table the way it should be? -- Because these devices ARE statically set? they're just not reading the IP Table?

I'm baffled.
Especially when i unplug the Wireless AP -- not the bridge. -- the internet get's "Hella" better.


Best part is

I see the angles on why I can't say things the way I say them. But what I don't see is how I'm being attacked by posting my intellectual property? The first & third ammendment right. Using my "Free dumb" of the internet and language.

What I don't understand is how people can't speak what's on their mind. But they can sure put up fisticuffs quick. Or start name calling like it's the easiest thing there is. -- But TALKING and being real. Is far from the norm.


I love saying things that people don't expect. What did I say or do that was so out of place? No body is willing to "Talk" they all want to put up fisticuffs?

Does someone have an issue with ANYTHING that happened on my previous posts, please let me know. 

Feel free to respond online. Apply for a user account and reply to this post. 

Here's another disgrace

In 2018. When you can't even have a meaningful conversation with someone. Where they understand you. Or hear you even. LISTEN/READ && Understand...

A simple conversation:
Me: Okay we're only about 40 yards out.
D: Okay I want you to put up a lay up and park it.
Me: Well, it was my drive/disc. Which makes it your shot, partner. -- Don't necessarily care how you play the shot. We both get one.
D: Oh, it's going to be like that?


To Whom this may concern

To whom this may concern.

My name is Brian Wethern. I will be attending court tomorrow. August 16th, 2018 after four months of having an "Illegal Camping Ticket"
To be brief -- 
Officer Anthony Melendez has vehicle profiled me for a while now. -- My vehicle was BROKEN DOWN for the FIRST NIGHT (Still in the shop now) at the Mendocino College here in Fort Bragg.
Yes, it's a CAMPER VAN -- This was a Saturday into Sunday evening. 
I will be in court tomorrow to plead not guilty.
Anthony Melendez used his vehicle hazard lights to MORE than spot shine NOT only ME. But my 67 year old disabled father.
Not only did I get this illegal camping ticket. But he also gave my father one. I hate to say the worst this ticket should have been was MAYBE a parking violation.
But this is all documented. I was vehicle profiled. I asked the officer several times to turn down his lights. He ignored. -- Actually called in more back up. They turned on MORE lights. All for a 67 year old man with parkinsons & a 32 year old male.
To whomever this may concern (Nobody, because nobodies going to read this email)
I'll be in court to clear my name. My 67 year old uncle will not be. To him this is a JOKE. Because it is. -- He's not driving again. He won't be in public.
I know a few good men around here that were recently pulled over by officer O'Brien -- With DUI stops -- YOU KNOW WHAT THE OFFICER DID?!?!
Now I'm stuck with a broken down vehicle, and a $450 ticket. All because an officer did his job for some stupid California law. When it could have been a parking ticket. Or NOTHING. AND THE LAW IS THIS CROOKED and inconsistent. That I have to keep all these details. Only to hear OTHERS DO SO MUCH WORSE, DAILY.... and they get away with it.
I have a few good words for the zeitgeist of now. 
You'll be lucky if words don't become actions. And that's not a threat. 
DISGUSTING times we live in. 
Thanks for bringing down the MAN more.
All I wanted out of this email was to find the sheriffs email address and voice a concern. I highly doubt anyone reads this. NOR CARES. Nor will any of this be documented.
Other than to be used against me. 
Yours truly,
Brian Wethern