HHO, Hydrogen, Dry Cell

So, I've applied 12.6V -- The voltage is going through the provided AMP meter. But for whatever reason, I am not producing the 1.5L of HHO gas/minute...?

Today, I did learn that dry cells are GRAVITY fed, so tomorrow I will need to put the water solution above the cell.

But I will have to provide my findings later. Still right now my MPG's are not worth mentioning. Until I have a final result. :) 

Aur Revoir


Chrome Operating System functioning as Android Cell Phone Operating System

For a long while. I had been wanting Clash of Clan back. But wanting it on my chrome book. By the way. Coming from Certified Ethical Hackers. The chrome book is the safest bet you'll have on the internet.

With that said. There are a few modifications you can add/change without doing much to run Android games on your Chrome book.

Once you're in developer mode. You'll need to figure out if you're running an ARM based processor or the 64bit versions.

Download https://github.com/vladikoff/chromeos-apk/blob/master/archon.md
Vladikoff's Chrome://Extension -- Unpack the Extension by going into chrome://extensions after switching your Operating system to allow un-verified applications.**