Here's another bass ackwards society moment

I had to plead "Guilty" to an illegal camping ticket. When I was "Not Guilty" because I was more than less illegally parked. For a broken down engine. 

I pled guilty because the judge said it'll stay off my record, if I stay clean for 90 days. Which I may or may not do. Nor do I care.

What's FUCKED.... I should have pled not guilty. -- I would have gotten BOTH. The officer probably wouldn't have shown up. It would have stayed off my record "supposedly". Even if he did show. I have a few chosen words for that CUCK.

And I still would have won. -- But the courts convinced me to plead guilty, to settle it today, now, out of court. JUST GET IT DONE WITH. That's all they want. THEY WANT YOUR $$$$$$$$$$

I'm still paying for this ticket because it's on my record. -- I'm "Labeled" alright. 

Don't think you aren't


In 2018 you should just be able to download a monitor. Or your grocery list.

Or like sleeping aids. Maybe some Unisom. Lunesta type shit. Comfortable beds don't even put me to sleep in certain places.


I learned this one tonight:

"Friendship isn't about who you've known the longest. It's about who walked into your life, said "I'm here for you" and proved it."

Boom. Add it to the list.

Waiting to get into the court. I've seen this before. 

I'm sitting there chilling. As you walk in. Of course you empty your pockets. Dump your drawers and walk through the metal detector.

I'm waiting. This guy after coming in. Leaves for a cig. As upon re entering the officer at the door just let's him walk right through and even states, "Yeah, don't worry about it, I just watched you walk in".


So you're telling you you let this man walk outside. Gather up his guns & ammo and walk right the fuck back into the court room of Mendocino county?

I pointed that out to the officer at the front door as well. -- GOOD WORK. A+ job.

Human error is everything & everywhere.