I learned this one tonight:

"Friendship isn't about who you've known the longest. It's about who walked into your life, said "I'm here for you" and proved it."

Boom. Add it to the list.

Waiting to get into the court. I've seen this before. 

I'm sitting there chilling. As you walk in. Of course you empty your pockets. Dump your drawers and walk through the metal detector.

I'm waiting. This guy after coming in. Leaves for a cig. As upon re entering the officer at the door just let's him walk right through and even states, "Yeah, don't worry about it, I just watched you walk in".


So you're telling you you let this man walk outside. Gather up his guns & ammo and walk right the fuck back into the court room of Mendocino county?

I pointed that out to the officer at the front door as well. -- GOOD WORK. A+ job.

Human error is everything & everywhere.

Tenda support

To whom this may concern.

I've bought several AC 1200 Tenda's

Right now my topology is 1 main ISP router -- a Tenda Wireless bridge to that device.

And then off the main router -- another tenda client mode AP.

**Note how one is configured towards the wireless bridge. The other is a wireless CLIENT+AP

So the purpose of this email is to ask what's going on when I say:

I have a device 400 feet away connected to the wireless bridge. 

I'm 400 feet closer. -- Connected to the Wireless AP -- 
I go to -- 

**What's crazy is, i can see the device 400 feet away, when it's technically not even CONNECTED to this AP.

So what is going on? -- Are the devices hard coded to find -- AND THEN store & Forward?

or is it an actual routing table the way it should be? -- Because these devices ARE statically set? they're just not reading the IP Table?

I'm baffled.
Especially when i unplug the Wireless AP -- not the bridge. -- the internet get's "Hella" better.


Best part is

I see the angles on why I can't say things the way I say them. But what I don't see is how I'm being attacked by posting my intellectual property? The first & third ammendment right. Using my "Free dumb" of the internet and language.

What I don't understand is how people can't speak what's on their mind. But they can sure put up fisticuffs quick. Or start name calling like it's the easiest thing there is. -- But TALKING and being real. Is far from the norm.


I love saying things that people don't expect. What did I say or do that was so out of place? No body is willing to "Talk" they all want to put up fisticuffs?

Does someone have an issue with ANYTHING that happened on my previous posts, please let me know. 

Feel free to respond online. Apply for a user account and reply to this post.