Ethernet cable for the common "Dumb-MotherFuck"

"Ethernet cable for the common dumb-motherfuck"

Hey all. 
We all talk about climate change as the main killer. And sure it might be, on top of militarized police, Fukushima, Abundant scarcity, GMO embedded cancer to name a few.

But today I want to share what I've seen/learned/teach, briefly. Since my young technological age of 9 years old.

This isn't difficult to explain the title of this paper for me. Since the age of 11, I wanted to learn about what these "puters" were.  And how to get somewhere else with it.  In a way. Or, wasn't it fun to trick people with it? Playing NES telling my friend, "Just think one day you'll be playing this against someone across the world". I remember that.

Anywho. I was invited to write a book with an author. Or give my input a couple years back.  He without naming, was in his late 70's and his wife was very ill.

We chatted quite a lot about what I know of as the "Internet". Now he doesn't subscribe to that. He was one of the chief engineers of one of the major telecom companies in the late 50's early 60's. In association with top level Government data for satellites.

Believe what you will. It was as easy as picking up a phone. A land line, with a dial tone. Hitting pound for data + Phone number (where it's going). Star for voice + phone number (Where it's going). Pound, star for voice conferencing. What I want to say today is. First we know AOL came out with 14.4Kbps modems as far as society came.  That was in the 90's?  They were probably using 14.4Kbps modems on Arpanet all since the 60's if not better. What I'm getting at is:
first we saw the phone line as the internet. Than we all saw a "Party line" or "Dual phone lines" in the house hold.  Then came 10baseT Token Ring, 10BaseT, 100BaseT, T1 lines, T3 lines, DSL, Ethernet, Fibre, MNFibre, Light technology... Power line adapters.

They wanted to play the "Money Market" game since then. Create jobs, rip up the street, repave them. If we wanted to/could have changed. Then would have been the time.

A power line adapter is nothing more than 1's and 0's. Like an electrical signal. Across the power lines. This isn't rocket science.

And then people keep paying for Cumcast/Xfinity too.  This stuff is inside all the hardware. These, "Back Doors". We've created a "Junk Network". I.E. == "Identity Theft". Your data goez through my PC, before it gets to where you want it.

Thank God at least we have FaceBook. Lolz

I stated earlier, the young technological life at 9 years old. I'm not saying I'm the only one that's thought this way. I've found it more common than not lately.

I could have only dreamed of a more "Bubble city" a controlled climate, so to speak. And that's what we're almost facing today. (India is doing it, look it up) We have the technology to feed, clothe, shelter, grow enough CLEAN ORGANIC FOOD FOR EVERYONE.

Greed has controlled our "Limitless" technological curve.

I would *hope* (My last hope) y'all have enough stretch of a mind to realize, THIS WOULDN'T BE DIFFICULT.

I'm looking for the 100th monkey. Unfortunately I think we need 100,000 hundred monkeys.

I always thought I wanted to grow up with my parents. Stealing cars, beating up people in the yard, scrapping, WORKING HARD, INNOVATING. And sure, a lot of me still does. In the 60's 70's. But I'm young and knowledgeable at my age. And not enough young ones know enough information like this. FULL HEALTH OTHER 20 YEAR TYPE 1 DIABETIC (Thanks High Fructose Corn Syrup + Sugar). I played all sports growing up. Kiss my ass is right.

That's just what I see/notice. I write this using free wi-fi on the road. Feel free to find me. I use 1 constant IP address.  From multiple locations. It's not difficult when you've designed a culture around working for the "Almighty Dollar". That's all there is to THIS LIFE.... Otherwise you're partying like a RockStar, everyday is your last day. Or, you're doing your responsibilites.

Choice is yours. We should be more "Together" and sharing information across cities. How hard is it to plant a dime sized chip in the ground and read how well the soil is here?

We can fly a nuclear missile 1000% around the world, hit with 99.9999% accuracy. We've been driving internal combustion engines since 1859, but nobody knows how to solve the 2 BILLIION cars on American highways?

Best of luck. Thanks for reading.