Best and worst parts.

To me 2016 wasn't at all terrible. Even considering the small life bullshit events I created/went through.

But frankly. If I never have to witness family/friends lose their loved ones again, I'd be a lot better off. Never having to emotionally hurt another human would be awesome. Never having a "Connection" with another human, would be ideal.

I still have no interest in ever loving another human. That won't change, unless maybe, they don't want to stand up and walk to the bathroom, kitchen, bedroom either.

I totally should have started the Motor Home life, MUCH sooner than I did.

To the ones I lost in 2016... Theres only the one, I would have done things differently with... And by not doing it at all. Considering our life orders were completely different.

I'm supposed to say, "2017 will be much better". -- But I have severe doubts.