Are they just bad images?

sudo dd bs=4M if=xenialpup-7.5-uefi.iso of=/dev/sda

I've now tried three different ISO's -- .BIN's

Using the dd command also trying a GUI ISO writer. And I'm still running into Com32 issues now?

I feel I need reliable internet. I'm downloading images through 4G getting 9-11Mbps // maxing out my bandwidth for the month. 
What is going on?

My MD5 hash's are accurate? 4909e1961ba27752b7aa8eba23ea7b5d

md5sum trinity-rescue-kit.3.4-build-37.iso
4909e1961ba27752b7aa8eba23ea7b5d  trinity-rescue-kit.3.4-build-37.iso