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Always in Tahiti. Maui Zaui

How much longer?

Safe to call me...

I'd say it's safe to call me a "Security Researcher". -- I've definitely found more than TWO major vulnerabilities.

Can't always cash out on them. You have to keep them in your chest.

First I found 13,000 Names. Got an article wrote about. Actually MORE than one now. For the FIRST EXPLOIT of -- And they never gave me money.

The past few nights I found a few others. Trying to speak with a COLLEGE, civilly. (I know you're about to read this).\\

I don't go public. Unless/Until I have to. -- Didn't care about their end user data. -- They didn't pay for their mistake. AND IT ISN'T MY MISTAKE I FOUND THIS DATA. DON'T PUT THIS ON ME.

I spoke with many of their CEO's -- They had NOTHING to respond with. And they even asked what I wanted for a reward or recognition. THEY ACKNOWLEDGED ME... and then tucked their tail inbetween their legs.

Lonestar baby.

Wrong Titles... Daily

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