Ukiah Life

Everyone tonight needs to look up defending your rights. FlexYourRights.org

Police ask too many questions that only get you arrested. Police are lawfully allowed to lie to you. You have EVERY RIGHT to invoke the 5th ammendment and say you will not be answering anymore questions.

They pulled you over for a reason, let him/her do their job. And be on their way.


Catching on alright... Work RV_Life

I think Trump said it best, "The American Dream is dead." and I hate to be quoting the TRUMPER!

But the ex-girlfriend was wrong homies. What a disgrace to be  bringing someone to this planet.

#SurvivalGuideToThanksgiving -- TRENDING on Twitter now. How sad white people can't even celebrate life together. At least my family doesn't exactly do that.

I'd rather be alone on Thanks Giving.


Tiny is catching on...

Over the weekend. I ran into a gas station clerk who was saying, "He liked my ride."

We wound up talking for what felt like 15 plus minutes. Where I sleep. How to sleep. Food/water locations.

He has a cat. So that's all he wanted for company as well. But he has a pull behind 5th wheel camper. Versus a motor home.

I prefer to drive mine. He was considering a trucker camper if he has too also.

http://money.cnn.com/2016/11/14/real_estate/tiny-home-communities/index.html - Times are getting real!