Magna Carta - Poop

I read a lot of hype about Jay-Z's new album, Record, LP, Compact Disk. Definitely isn't what I would call remarkable. - Besides the bass level's. Literally. -- Sorry Jay. Your flow is still there. But you're talking about horrible rotten subjects. Or even turning kid songs into a PHAT beat. With only crowd appeal & bass level. I would pay Brother Ali - another $25 for his latest album. Before I bought yours. -- And Samsung signed you 5 million. Just to release your album 3 days early for Samsung users.

This is completely my opinion. But the album is literally creating Children play tunes. around a bass level. and PHAT beats yo.

Hat is off to you though Jay. You're a Business...... Man. - Not to mention an empire.


Traffic Cameras stop little towns

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This little village had a big problem.

Each day, thousands of cars — sometimes as many as 18,000 — rolled along Elmwood Place's streets, crossing the third-of-a-mile town to get to neighboring Cincinnati or major employers in bustling suburbs or heavily traveled Interstate 75. Many zipped by Elmwood Place's modest homes and small businesses at speeds well above the 25 mph limit. br>

Bedeviled by tight budgets, the police force was undermanned. The situation, villagers feared, was dangerous. br>

Then the cameras were turned on, and all hell broke loose. br>