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It’s Time to Panic Now -- Slate With Bolton running the NSC and Pompeo as Secretary of State, kiss the Iran deal goodbye because war in the Middle East and perhaps on several fronts is inevitable. Bolton talks about pre-emptive nuclear strikes like chess players talk about moves on the chess board. And of course, #45 desperately needs a major distraction right about now.

Dow plummets more than 700 points as Trump's China tariffs ignite fears of trade war -- Business Insider - China also now increased their tariffs due to The American President increasing Tariffs - creating a trade war.

Public lands are being sold in secret on the internet -- Climate Progress

Car companies hire climate science denier to do hit job on clean cars - GM, Ford, and Toyota lobby for dirtier cars while touting cleaner ones. -- Climate Progress

Paul Ehrlich: 'Collapse of civilisation is a near certainty within decades' -- Guardian The Population Bomb, written with his wife Anne Ehrlich in 1968, predicted “hundreds of millions of people are going to starve to death” in the 1970s – a fate that was avoided by the green revolution in intensive agriculture. -- From 50 years ago.

Cambridge Analytica: What The Media Won’t Tell You- What is worse then AI robots taking over the planet? Well for one thing, Facebook let Trump use AI to win the 2016 election. -- HACKERnoon

I have no doubt that the war(s) has already been planned—when, where, and how. This coming weekend will further squeeze the vice on Trump—a student march on Saturday that may be as large as the women’s march that occurred the day after the Inauguration and the 60 Minutes Stormy Daniels interview on Sunday that will expose more felonious activity by Trump. Trump, Bolton, and Pompeo can’t foment war fast enough. I expect Trump to fire Mueller within the next two weeks. “Look over there. There’s nothing to see here.” The United States has not used nuclear weapons for 73 years. That may be about to change.

You guys do understand. We've been fighting gun violence since gun's were created, correct? And solving the gun issue won't solve violence, because the greatest form of violence is #POVERTY == #StructuralViolence

We know from Wikileaks that John Podesta was in touch with Sheryl Sandberg, COO of Facebook, and even thanked her for helping them “elect the first woman President of the United States.” However, Hillary didn’t win despite the fact Facebook was trying to get her elected alongside Google who was censoring search results, possibly running their own bots, and Twitter who was censoring the truth and purposely hiding Wikileaks tweets which are 100% factual (as they later admitted to congress).


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Welcome to the world new babies.... Daily Bad Bad


HHO, Hydrogen, Dry Cell

So, I've applied 12.6V -- The voltage is going through the provided AMP meter. But for whatever reason, I am not producing the 1.5L of HHO gas/minute...?

Today, I did learn that dry cells are GRAVITY fed, so tomorrow I will need to put the water solution above the cell.

But I will have to provide my findings later. Still right now my MPG's are not worth mentioning. Until I have a final result. :) 

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