Tenda support

To whom this may concern.

I've bought several AC 1200 Tenda's

Right now my topology is 1 main ISP router -- a Tenda Wireless bridge to that device.

And then off the main router -- another tenda client mode AP.

**Note how one is configured towards the wireless bridge. The other is a wireless CLIENT+AP

So the purpose of this email is to ask what's going on when I say:

I have a device 400 feet away connected to the wireless bridge. 

I'm 400 feet closer. -- Connected to the Wireless AP -- 
I go to tendawifi.com -- 

**What's crazy is, i can see the device 400 feet away, when it's technically not even CONNECTED to this AP.

So what is going on? -- Are the devices hard coded to find tendawifi.com -- AND THEN store & Forward?

or is it an actual routing table the way it should be? -- Because these devices ARE statically set? they're just not reading the IP Table?

I'm baffled.
Especially when i unplug the Wireless AP -- not the bridge. -- the internet get's "Hella" better.