P 2015 Mercedes Sprinter 3.0L Turbo Diesel

This morning. (Thank goodness I have GREAT days when I'm retired)
My LIFE/Home/Vehicle VAN blew a P 2015 error code:
(This issue WAS logged in the ECM, as intermittent. TODAY happened to be the day the actuator ACTUALLY froze. AND THREW the error code) Indicating a sensor fault on Bank 1. Throttle Position Actuator Sensor
It aligns with the "Throttle Position Sensor" underneath your gas pedal. Since there's no longer LINKAGE for your throttle. It's all electronic, correct?! :)
Anywho. By following this video. My hypothesis was correct. It was the actuator versus LOW fuel or a bad Fuel Pump.
Right now I have no "Kick Down" But if you paddle shift through the gears. I have "Boost".
Which means, The actuator is not aligning with the throttle position sensor. To allow the CORRECT amount of air flow through the MANIFOLD.
Which then dumps in TOO MUCH DIESEL FUEL, lowers your MPG's... And you have SIGNIFICANTLY NO THRUST...
Tomorrow. By relieving the stress off the Throttle Position Actuator (Cleaning/Rebuilding) You will therefore be allowing BETTER FUEL PERFORMANCE, MORE BOOST, MORE THRUST & better everything... I guess.
This ole' back Yard mechanic still has a few tricks up his sleeve.