Here's another disgrace

In 2018. When you can't even have a meaningful conversation with someone. Where they understand you. Or hear you even. LISTEN/READ && Understand...

A simple conversation:
Me: Okay we're only about 40 yards out.
D: Okay I want you to put up a lay up and park it.
Me: Well, it was my drive/disc. Which makes it your shot, partner. -- Don't necessarily care how you play the shot. We both get one.
D: Oh, it's going to be like that?

What should have been said, "Going to be like what"? "Where I play the rules, we took my drive. And it becomes your shot because it's doubles". But now you're expecting me to waste my shot and just lay up for YOU to run the chains? When you can just do it anyway, without having to waste your breath and tell me what to do?

Good lord. If only MORAL COURAGE was more important than physical courage or you know. The white man courage.

So now this D -- After the third hole. Quits trying to make puts. Quits trying to lay up. And even the shots he WAS trying to make. I sure know he was frustrated when he putted as bad as I was.

--What? I can't voice my oppinion?