Here's another bass ackwards society moment

I had to plead "Guilty" to an illegal camping ticket. When I was "Not Guilty" because I was more than less illegally parked. For a broken down engine. 

I pled guilty because the judge said it'll stay off my record, if I stay clean for 90 days. Which I may or may not do. Nor do I care.

What's FUCKED.... I should have pled not guilty. -- I would have gotten BOTH. The officer probably wouldn't have shown up. It would have stayed off my record "supposedly". Even if he did show. I have a few chosen words for that CUCK.

And I still would have won. -- But the courts convinced me to plead guilty, to settle it today, now, out of court. JUST GET IT DONE WITH. That's all they want. THEY WANT YOUR $$$$$$$$$$

I'm still paying for this ticket because it's on my record. -- I'm "Labeled" alright. 

Don't think you aren't