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You're never going to do anything until you JUST DO IT.

29 reasons I'm going to learn

7. The RV lifestyle promotes being outdoors where as having a big house promotes sitting on the couch, binge-watching Netflix.

24. When you watch the Walking Dead in the middle of the woods, it’s so much more intense.

This guy is Nationally now famous by age 25. Out of debt (Dave Ramsey) and MARRIED HAPPILY, Living in an RV.

Glad someone made it.

"Several years  ago I remember listening to Dave Ramsey talk about how one couple moved into a trailer after getting married so they could save money and pay off debt before buying a home. I remember thinking to myself, “That seems cool and everything- but I would never live in a RV. I’m better than that.”

Those were my exact thoughts. I wanted the comfort of a home, security, and consistent income. To live in an RV I might be thought of as “less”, or people might judge me.

However, somehow I landed an amazing wife who challenged me to dream big and to not worry about what other people think. Awhile back we faced a decision to either stay in Austin with our jobs and save up, or buy an RV and hit the road. We decided to choose adventure instead of comfort, and it’s made all the difference in the world.

I wish I could tell you there weren’t any times where I was scared or unsure about our situation. I’ve doubted myself quite a bit actually. But looking back over the last six months I’ve grown more as a person than I could have ever imagined.


My calculations are progress.

Help Source: http://www.freesunpower.com/system_sizing.php

Refrigerator Watts = 240 Watt hours=1680
television watts = 40 Watt hours = 40
Microwave Watts = 1500 Watt hours = 240
House Lights Watts = 50 Watt Hours = 100
Computer charge? = 75 watts - Watt hours = 75
Misc items = 200watts == 400 Watt hours

== 2535 Daily WattHours required
== 3 days required == 7605
Battery Capacity @ 50% discharge = 15210 Watt Hours

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