Cisco Meraki M18

Look what I got today!

Such a cool device.  The GUI is all online based.  You can measure throughput versus bandwidth.  You can limit Throughput per SSID/USER even if need be.

You can limit BitTorrent or any traffic.

It has pretty sweet traffic monitoring and shaping tools.

So now should I tell you how to get one? If you're an IT Professional?

If you go Here To ciscos website. You can register for a free Access point.


I write proposals

Shit like this...

I'm not complaining about it.

I just know none of it MATTERS ONE BIT.

They're going to make up their own decisions with this sheet of paper or not. And everything that'll come from it.  Doesn't depend on this paper either.  Becaause they're going to make the move with a plan either way.