Ting FTW

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So, the universe has been chirpping that the LG G2 will be available to TING, December 1. - Well today is December 1, 2014 -- and there's no Ting activation yet....


Either WHACK - or the FIRST!

Ya'll are going to think I'm beside myself when I say I found an AWESOME FEATURE/FLAW in windows 8.1/8

Here's how/why.

I'm going to try this myself again.  If I can.

I took my laptop.  And before I upgraded to windows 8.  I cloned my PC. -- Swapped in a new drive. -- Started the upgrade process.

Used the PC for a couple months.  And as I type this.  I just swapped my Win 7 pro SSD drive back into the SAME PC. -- I now have Windows 8/8.1


Fight for what's right!

Dear Fight for the Future member,

Click here to join an emergency protest for net neutrality on November 6th!

Did you hear about the massive protests in Hungary? The government there proposed an Internet Tax, that would have charged ordinary internet users exorbitant prices *per gigabite.*

Thousands of people took to the streets in protest, holding their shining cell phones aloft as a symbol of resistance to the unfair Internet Tax. In response, the government announced they would lower the tax.

Instead of accepting the compromise, even more people took to the streets demanding unfettered, affordable access to the free and open web. And they won. The government backed down and took the controversial tax off the table.

It’s election day here in the U.S. and we face a similar crisis. Regardless of which party comes out on top today, the FCC is set to annihilate net neutrality and open the floodgates for rampant Internet censorship and abuse. This is the moment we’ve been building for. In the last year, Fight for the Future has grown to more than 1 million members! We are stronger than we’ve ever been and we have the power to save net neutrality, but signing petitions and making pho ne calls isn’t going to be enough.

This Thursday, November 6th we’re organizing emergency protests across the country, but we need more people to step up and help “anchor” protests in their towns. Anchoring a protest is easy: it just means you pick a time and location, and agree to be there and get as many of your friends as possible to come. The protests themselves are simple: we are asking people to gather in the evening at government buildings and hold their glowing cell phones, laptops, and tablets aloft to shine light on the growing corruption in DC and demand real net neutrality.

We, and several other groups with large email lists, will send an email to our thousands of members in your area encouraging them to attend your event.

Click here to join an emergency protest or start one in your town.

You can also reply to this email if you are able to help anchor a protest and we’ll get in touch with you right away.

The protests on Thursday will be the kickoff for a month of escalating actions leading up to the FCC’s final decision, which we expect to come in early December. We’ll be holding these vigils every Thursday leading up until that point, so if you can help organize one any time in the coming weeks, let us know! Just reply to this email, we’ll see it.

We’ve updated to support these emergency protests.

Please share the link far and wide and tell as many people as possible that the fight for net neutrality is coming to a head and we need to start something big right now.

For the Internet,

-Evan at Fight for the Future