Why do I need to reboot electronics?


Your router is the same: every reason rebooting a computer can solve problems applies. Just like on your computer, you’re not actually solving whatever is causing the router to crash, but you are allowing it to run properly again.

Sure, this doesn’t fix systematic problems, but it generally solves things in the short term.


Safe to call me...

I'd say it's safe to call me a "Security Researcher". -- I've definitely found more than TWO major vulnerabilities.

Can't always cash out on them. You have to keep them in your chest.

First I found 13,000 Names. Got an article wrote about. Actually MORE than one now. For the FIRST EXPLOIT of -- And they never gave me money.

The past few nights I found a few others. Trying to speak with a COLLEGE, civilly. (I know you're about to read this).\\

I don't go public. Unless/Until I have to. -- Didn't care about their end user data. -- They didn't pay for their mistake. AND IT ISN'T MY MISTAKE I FOUND THIS DATA. DON'T PUT THIS ON ME.

I spoke with many of their CEO's -- They had NOTHING to respond with. And they even asked what I wanted for a reward or recognition. THEY ACKNOWLEDGED ME... and then tucked their tail inbetween their legs.

Lonestar baby.

Chrome Operating System functioning as Android Cell Phone Operating System

For a long while. I had been wanting Clash of Clan back. But wanting it on my chrome book. By the way. Coming from Certified Ethical Hackers. The chrome book is the safest bet you'll have on the internet.

With that said. There are a few modifications you can add/change without doing much to run Android games on your Chrome book.

Once you're in developer mode. You'll need to figure out if you're running an ARM based processor or the 64bit versions.

Vladikoff's Chrome://Extension -- Unpack the Extension by going into chrome://extensions after switching your Operating system to allow un-verified applications.**